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Arcam FMJ A28 Audiophile Integrated Amplifier-UK MADE- MINT w/Very Low Reserve

Submitted by on April 8, 2013 – 3:18 pm

We find the most interesting Power Amp Shop. Here is the best deal we found for the Arcam FMJ A28 Audiophile Integrated Amplifier-UK MADE- MINT w/Very Low Reserve for sale on the Internet.

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Arcam FMJ A28 Audiophile Integrated Amplifier-UK MADE- MINT w/Very Low Reserve Picture and Description:

 549893707860441240 Arcam FMJ A28 Audiophile Integrated Amplifier UK MADE  MINT w/Very Low Reserve

0 0 1 753 4296 KZ Consulting 35 10 5039 14.0 96 800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE We’re Stereo Exchange, located in New York City. We've been in business since the 1970s and are a major high-end dealer. We have all the current top brands on display in our huge showroom. This A-28 amp (in black finish) was in our warehouse, factory sealed. It had never been opened. What a find! Since it has never been sold, it comes with the factory warranty. I opened up the box briefly just to photo the amp, then it was promptly repacked. This Arcam amp is everything I like to see in a good integrated amplifier. It has ability to run 4-Ohm speakers with ease (and over 120 Watts per channel doing that). It has plenty of inputs, dual speaker outputs, preamp outputs so you can add power later, and a preamp section so good that you could upgrade to bigger and better amps a few times and still use the preamp inside this without it being a weak link. It’s basically the same preamp design as the expensive separate preamps they offer. At our low RESERVE of only $788.00, it’s also a bargain, even as just a preamp. It even has a nice headphone amp inside. That’s becoming rare! This is one of Arcam’s most popular models because it is very keenly priced. This amplifier carries a retail price of $1699.00. The construction is first rate. This sample is in Arcam’s BLACK finish, and comes complete with their system remote that contains internal codes to operate many other brands of equipment AND can learn codes from that Russian VCR you brought back on that trip. All switching is done near the input jacks to keep the signal path very short. Switching is done inside sealed relays that are good for a minimum of 500,000 operations without cleaning or service. Arcam products are built to last. Speaker switching (the A28 can run two pairs of speakers) is accomplished NOT by mechanical switches on the front panel, but by quality, sealed relays on the main board, controlled by buttons on the front panel. This keeps internal speaker wiring to a minimum for lower losses. Many aspects of the amplifier are interesting, and, well, hidden from casual observation. On the rear panel are preamp outputs. These could be used to boost the power later by adding a bigger amp. You could still, then, use the internal amp for running two other rooms of music. This is an especially worthwhile feature since the preamp section is hard to beat. Since the speaker switching is high quality, you can also feel free to use the two sets of speaker outputs for bi-wiring, if you feel that makes a difference. The A28 puts out 75 Watts per channel into 8-Ohm speakers 120+ Watts per channel with 4-Ohm speakers. A VERY NICE phono section is included in the A28. It is set up for MM (moving magnet) cartridges and has very low noise. The speaker terminals are nicely designed, and can accept banana plugs if you pop out the center slugs (they are required in Europe because banana plugs can fit into AC sockets over there with very bad results!). You can, in the amplifier’s setup menu, vary the size of the steps that the volume changes at when you turn the volume knob. I like that feature! This is especially good if you have very sensitive speakers, which this amp works well with, due to its low noise floor. You can turn off the display if you feel that the amp sounds better that way (a popular belief in the UK), but it comes back to life for a few seconds whenever you make adjustments. You can also dim it. You can set the relative volumes of the inputs so the volume stays more constant when you go from source to source. You can tell the amp, when turned on, what MAXIMUM volume you want it to start up at, in case you last left it VERY LOUD! PROCESSOR MODE allows your two-channel and home theater systems to be seamlessly integrated and use the same main left and right front channel amps and speakers without needing to switch wires. Every amp should have this feature. The source that appears at the recording outputs can be selected independently from the listening source. By adding an additional amplifier, this means that you can have two zones listening to two different things at the same time…source sharing! The owner’s manual is extremely well written and well organized. I took a peek at it. This owner’s manual blows the socks off of most others I’ve seen lately. PRICING: The A28 retailed for $1700.00, and, as the reviewers have said, is a GREAT VALUE at that price. We have set the RESERVE on this auction for this (before I opened it to photo it) FORMERLY FACTORY SEALED, MINT piece at $788.00 Please give it a good home. THINGS TO KNOW: This piece comes with the factory warranty, but no refunds or exchanges. We accept PAYPAL and all major credit cards for sales to the US. We accept Paypal only for sales to Canada. We ship to the US and Canada ONLY. We do NOT ship overseas. Sales tax will be charged if the unit is shipped to / sold to within New York State, or picked up at the store. The above words are the property of KZ Consulting and are NOT to be copied.

 549893707860441241 Arcam FMJ A28 Audiophile Integrated Amplifier UK MADE  MINT w/Very Low Reserve
 549893707860441242 Arcam FMJ A28 Audiophile Integrated Amplifier UK MADE  MINT w/Very Low Reserve
 549893707860441243 Arcam FMJ A28 Audiophile Integrated Amplifier UK MADE  MINT w/Very Low Reserve